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Did you know ?

Godmanchester is a small town with 1403 inhabitants with an area of 138.53 km, situated in the  Monteregie near by Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and the American border.

As such, the recognized demonym in 1986, Godmancastrian, marks a return to the Latin origin of the name of the municipality while also endowing it with a French consonance in harmony with the language of Molière.

The main points of interest in the municipality of Godmanchester relate to the nature and quality of its landscapes.

permis brulage a godmanchesterFire permit obligatory


 It is forbidden to light a fire in the municipality of Godmanchester without getting authorization beforehand from the Fire Warden.  Please contact the office at: 450-264-4116.  PLAN A MAXIMUM OF 7 DAYS TO OBTAIN A PERMIT. 

Rôle d'évaluation municipalité Godmanchester

calendrier des collectes municipalité Godmanchester

signaler une situation non-urgente Godmanchester Informations municipales de Godmanchester

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Tempory carport


It is permissible to install a temporary carport only for winter months. Temporary carport is intended for one or more automobiles


Winter Tire

It is essential that your winter tires carry this pictogram. It is mandatory since December 15, 2014 on all winter tires installed on a taxi or a passenger vehicle registered in Quebec from December 15 to March 15.