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Domestic composting

Domestic composting

The composting is magic and is done quickly if you start with a cubic meter of compost well balanced (3 parts of brown waste for 1 part of green waste).Keep it moist and flip it every week.It is possible to have two good lots of compost each year if you follow these instructions.If you change them, it will just take a little longer, but you can still get some compost.

The fastest way to get compost is to mix 1 part of cut grass for 3 parts of dead leaves (chopped by a clipper), place it in a three-sided composter without lid or bottom, keep it all wetand turn it over with a fork every 15 days.

Place your composter in an easily accessible place so that you and your family are encouraged to use it.



You can also cut the top of a water bottle to put your trash to be composted inside.Keep it under the sink.

For faster decomposition, put cut leaves and crushed eggshells.

At some point, you will need to start a new compost pile and you will have to stop adding waste to the old pile so that it can "finish".

When the climate is dry, add water every time you throw something into your composter.This will help moisten it.

If you mow your lawn, get the mowed grass!It's free and it's a good way to get more compost if you have a lawn mower.Indeed, it will spit grass in your garden by turning it into hay.This herb will give your lawn 40% of its fertilizer needs.However, do not compost mowed grass for several days after adding fertilizer or pesticides.



Do not add rubbish to compost above, because they will absolutely ruin your compost for one reason or another and some are downright unhealthy.

It is increasingly possible to compost dog excrement, but this must be done under special conditions in municipal compost bins.These are usually found in local parks.Do not use this compost in or near fruit gardens or where vegetables grow.Ask your city council for more information.Encourage your community to have these bins in the parks or along the walking paths.

If you plan to compost weeds, dry them before adding them to the pile.Otherwise they could start to push