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Green residues and branches

Green Cedar recycling, essential oil extraction and much more.

Green Cedar Recycling has been an essential oil extraction business for three generations.
For twenty years we spend in your towns and villages to pick up your cedars and then extract the essential oil for all these benefits:

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to preserve or improve the health and beauty of human beings.

It can be used for external use, compresses, massage, aromatized bath, hair care, aroma diffusion, etc.

Essential oils are organic aromatic substances naturally found in various parts of trees, plants, spices, etc.

They are highly concentrated, volatile, non-oily and sensitive to decomposition under the effect of heat.

Essential oils are considered as primary products in Quebec, have extracts from conifers, such as cedar (cedar), fir, pine and hemlock


cèdres vert


Cedar Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to preserve or enhance the health and beauty of human beings

Beauclair & Gemme

WE PICK UP YOUR CEDAR CUTTINGS  : 514 606 2017 ou 450 288 4635